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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wednesday Roundup

Sunday saw hubby and I take a little road trip up the M1 to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. We went to meet friends to visit the Art Gallery there.

It is a lovely gallery with a lush little tropical garden and walkway. The reason for our visit....the  Holmes Art Prize for Realistic Bird Art. 39 exquisite pieces of art.
I am sharing it on this blog because sometimes 2 loves come together. One of the finalists was Bernadine Hine. Her beautiful piece was a textile mixed media.....
"Bush Stone Curlew"
My photos don't do it justice.  A bit of a close up. It was amazing and so lifelike!
The winner was this piece by Brett Jarrett "The Prospectors " I could not take my eyes off the tree. Amazing!
My teacher was also a finalist and it was great to see it hanging there.....
"Family Gossip" by Sandra Temple.
It was very hard to chose a favourite but this one was close.....the feeling you got looking at it was could almost feel the cool and damp! Little delicate dew drops on the ferns and the birds.....beautiful!
"Sanctuary " by James Hough
I would have taken many more photos but I was trying to be sneaky, thinking it was not permitted......found out was lol!  Serves me right! It is such a wonderful space and sadly we found out that the 'powers that be' have decided they don't want to support Realistic Art here next sad as it is always well supported.......*sigh* It appears people aren't interested, or so the story I don't know what the steady stream of visitors were doing there with us, in awe of the gorgeous art???
We finished off our time there together with a delicious lunch not too far away. A very enjoyable way to spend the day.
I have been stitching my Christmas ornies for our arty Christmas event which may or may not come to fruition but I am stitching just in case. I have a few finished. I used several designs.....some from my POCKET MINIS, some from my AUSSIE CHRISTMAS DECOS and a couple I drew up to suit my purpose.
I have also made some tiny hexie ones about 1 inch hexie.....these I just drew up to fit.
I have a couple of felt ones cut out to do next. I can feel the Christmas spirit slowly overtaking me and it feels very nice!  I have resisted jinglingso far. Might have to dust off the tree soon.
I hope you are enjoying your week so far.
I loved this graphic by Red Tractor on Facebook this week. Don't know why....just did!

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, November 10, 2017

A Little Christmas Freebie and Show and Tell

It seems that this year my designing mojo has gone on a very long vacation without me. I have no idea if it's coming back but I get a glimpse every now and then. It reappeared briefly when I wanted to gift you all a little drawing for the Christmas season. I loved doing it and I hope you enjoy stitching it.
If you look under my sketchpad on the sidebar and click on the drawing you should be able to download it. Please be aware it is for your personal use only.
Happy stitching! I am planning on stitching it myself too.
I have some very Christmasy Show and Tell from friend Joy in Bundaberg. Joy stitched my "CHRISTMAS MEMORIES" Quilt and it is just lovely. I have her permission to share it with you all.
Lovely work..
Thanks Joy for sharing your lovely quilt.
Christmas deco stitching continues here.....
Making a nice little pile. Nice and relaxing to do.
Secret sewing.....a bit of binding coming up.
Love that birdie fabric and love the project.
Very nice mail came this week.....a managed a great bargain on these books from a legendary Australian artist,  William T. Cooper. Sadly no longer with us but his fabulous legacy and inspiration remains.

Loving devouring these has been happening. You can check it out OVER HERE
A showery afternoon here.....very nice for a curl up and some reading.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Back to Stitching

It was quite a week last week and one I enjoyed immensley. I love our Botanical Gardens and after arriving early on Sunday morning for the last day of demonstrating at Australia Wild Art exhibition (you can see my piccies HERE) I took a quick wander through part of the gardens. I thought I would share some photos with you.

I love the peace down at the lake.

Little juvenile Water Dragon was enjoying the peace too....
I also love this sculpture outside our Planetarium.

Lots of striking textures along the path too....

Pretty Ginger bloom peeping out.
I never encountered another soul and it was just lovely.....

It was such a joy to wander past the Lotus and water lilies each day too....

Now believe it or not I have managed some stitching....well just a teeny bit.
Christmas stitching is well under way. These are Christmas decos for a later in the month.....better stitch faster lol!
That's me caught up.....time for a cuppa!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Busy Days

If you read my art blog you will know what I have been up can click HERE to read about it. I have been quite busy.
Sewing wise seems to be lots of Secret Squirrel stuff.

My clamshells have been getting some attention in the evening and another row is nearly complete.
They are so relaxing and it is very slowly growing. Never tire of looking at all the different fabrics represented in it.
As I have been out at The Mt.Cootha Botanical Gardens I have snapped a couple of piccies on my way to and from the car.

Its such a beautiful place for an art exhibition. I bought home some lovely merchandise from there.  Beautiful cards! I prefer Aussie made cards whenever I can and I had a very hard time choosing......
Ok must fly.....Nana and Miss E have a date at Prep School.....wonder what we will learn today lol!

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx