....ohh and pencils and paper

Saturday, January 20, 2018


WENDY from Sugarlane Designs hosted our online get together for January. If you would like to see what everyone was working on pop over to Wendy's.
As I had the company of the little folk in my family all week I was a little bit weary.
Their Mums are teachers and were back in at school hard at work preparing for everyone else's little folk to join them bright and early Monday morning! Yes! Those lucky teachers getting ALL those holidays! But I shan't go on! Except to say do appreciate our teachers people....they work darn hard and often at their own expense! Both financially and emotionally.
Anyway in the spirit of joining in with my fellow bloggers I decided to do some nice and relaxed stitching on my clamshells.
I am now appliquing row 16 on and got all but 8 sewn before sleepy eyes overtook me and bed called me away.
Slowly but surely it is this quilt! Feels so old worldy and nostalgic, makes me think of all those quilt makers that came before me. The difference being they were making do, using up each tiny leftover scrap and creating something useful and lovely in the process. Where as I have the luxury of choosing favourites "scraps" to make mine. Still it is very nice to be creating an 'Ode to the Olde'.
What did you stitch last night with us?
Through the week I appliqued my January circles in place for Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2018. I am really going to enjoy doing these.
A quiet day for me here today. Maybe some prep work on my next Angel Story block.
If you want to read my latest Art post go HERE
Have a lovely weekend all.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Decision Made

After umming and ahhing I have decide that I will once again this year join in over at SO SCRAPPY for
I love the whole concept of this.....using what you already have to create something new! All those bits of unloved or out of favour fabrics we all have in our stash.
So after a refreshing cool swim this morning, some work on a new art can read about that HERE I set about doing some prep work for what I have chosen for this challenge.
So what did I choose? Little circles!
January is BLUE. My aim is to do 4 in each months colour. Using a 61/2 inch background block of all my creams, tans and beige scrap pieces.
So my little circles are ready to be basted down ready to applique in place.
My UFO challenge for January is coming along nicely......
I shall show you when I get done. You would think a Christmas project would be the last thing you would want to do but I am enjoying it.
 Ok....Back to my circle basting.

I hope wherever you are the weather is not affecting you too much. It has been a bit extreme in both hemispheres of late.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, January 13, 2018

First Day Back

Yesterday was our first stitching day back for the Friday Girls, soon to become the Alternate Wednesday girls. We were a very small group but big on enjoyment. Some of our crew were swanning around on boats, others vanning or actually got better offers.....cheeky!
I even cooked.....I can cook an Aussie pikelet or three.
Delicious Aussie Apricot jam to go with cream as I was looking after my "traditional woman figure"
Lovely Jan was our hostess and I was so thrilled when she showed me my gift to her all beautifully framed.....Kooka looks very happy in his Forever home.
I packed my stitching bag with my clamshells....
And despite lots and lots of chat, managed a whole row stitched together ready to add on to my growing quilt.
Pleased as punch with that! All you MIA girls....we missed you x
That's it from to get ready to go out for coffee with the other and always Wednesday is so sticky icky here today....wonder if I can go in my nightdress...I would wear matching Ok better go find a loose cool dress!
Happy Saturday,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, January 7, 2018

January FNWF

First Friday night stitchalong for the year.
I was weary after the final cleaning and putting away of the decos, so it was very nice to curl up in my chair and do some quiet stitching with my other blogging friends from Australia and beyond. CHERYLL From Gone Stitchin' is responsible for gathering us all together each month.
My efforts consisted of the stitchery on another Angel Story block.  This one is supposed to be called "Angela the Animal Lover" but I am renaming it "Esther the Animal Lover " after my vetinarian friend Esther who is so dedicated to her work.
I changed the design and placed the bird outside the cage. I don't like to see birds in cages.....
It looks happy to be out of there lol! It doesn't look like it but there was a bit of stitching on this block. It saw me through until bedtime. I have some prep done for the next block but was too tired to start marking it out...I didn't fancy a do over!
Last evening I felt like a little break from stitchery so I basted up some more clamshells. With this lot and whats in my tin, I think I may have 3 more rows of 20 ready to get stitched in place on the quilt.
We also have a little house guest. She is getting so old, poor Miss Sophie. She was not at all impressed at being left with us and did not budge from our living room door which over looks the street for 5 hours lol!

However this morning we have made ourselves quite and home and does NOT get the concept that doggies aren't allowed on the lounge chair...sigh!
After her 5am wake up call to us to be let in, Miss Sophie is a bit tired........ Just as well we are dog lovers.....
Where's the coffee?
I hope you enjoy this beautiful Sunday folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, January 5, 2018


The Christmas tree is now put away and treasured decorations nestling in their  boxes until next Christmas.
It occurred to me whilst doing this.....that perhaps I love little birdies lol! These are just the clip on variety....
 Decluttering several of my kitchen cupboards have happened too.....lots redirected to the recycling shop locally. It does make you feel lighter in spirit somehow! My scary pantry needs seeing to in the near future also. Not to mention my sewing/art cave....arrrgh! I wish I could be less sentimental about my Christmas Decorations as well and let some older ones go. But I don't seem to manage it! So many memories connected to them....even the tatty ones! Lost cause!
As much as I love decorating for Christmas I do love the simple joy of a clean and decluttered dining table......ahhhh feels very nice.
Little Phoebe is back on duty and has bought a friend to keep her company....
Progress is made on my January UFO challenge......I think perhaps I should aim for 2 blocks.....had way to much fun to make this one last for a whole month.
Another little Angel block is on its way too.
You may recall that I was not at all sure that I was going to enjoy my recent reading series but after beginning book no.6 I think perhaps I am slightly hooked!
So I guess there is substance to "Never judge a book by it's cover".
Well my break from my Summer cleaning and de-tinseling is over, so I best get back to it....
I am hoping you can find a simple joy somewhere in your day today.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, January 1, 2018

Welcome 2018

I wonder if any of you are like me and are wondering where 2017 disappeared to?
New Years Resolutions are not something I suscribe too. Preferring to instead set some small personal goals or intentions which cause no extra pressure to achieve or not.....but give me things to contemplate.

2017 bought many blessings, new adventures, anxieties and some sad different from many others on this journey called life.
With the losses came the unexpected blessing of discovering just how fortunate I have been to walk a way with beautiful souls....terribly missed they will be but forever with me in my heart nonetheless. This brought up much thought about being thankful in spite of it all.
I decided to begin the New Year with a little treat for myself....a brand new Gratitude Journal....a hopeful and uplifting way to begin each day.
The word "Mahalo" is Hawaiian for "thank you ". The nationality of its creator. It's a lovely journal and very nice to see my first entry in place. I am a journaller but have not participated in a Gratitude journal for a couple of years. Feels good.
My other intention for this year is a UFO challenge planned by fellow Sunday Stitchers De. A list of per may choose to work on the item or go for a finish. It's up to you. A number is chosen each month at our meeting and you work on the corresponding project to that number......
My list.....excuse handwriting.
January's number is No. 2.....
For Elf block.
I had hoped to use Country Garden Thread "Harriet" for these blocks but unfortunately it looked awful......unsewing happened! So I chose instead my next favourite "Mistletoe" It does look very nice in real life! Excuse the photo....storm approaching and its gotten very dark lol!

Hopefully I  can successfully complete January's challenge and finish this block.
Another Angel Story block has been completed in the mean time....."Pot Planting Penelope"
Sewing update complete!
I would like to thank all of you that pop by and visit me, leaving lovely comments or personal emails, those of you who read my words and thoughts or perhaps a friendly lurker. You are all very welcome. I am always amazed and heartwarmed at how we as women can encourage and support each other with affection, laughter  and a generosity of spirit. Not to mention a big dose of graft and corruption in the beginning of a new project domain :) All under the guise of Scrap Busting!
You constantly inspire me with your incredible creativity and caring.
I am looking forward to sharing, laughing and connecting with you again in this brand new year.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Rest and Relaxation

The "Call the Midwife" marathon is still continuing! So stitching just seems to go so well with it along with rum balls, shortbread and Christmas cake!
I have been working on Angels Story and have completed Harriet the Homemaker.
Do you have to have a little preview after finishing a few blocks?  Me too!
Pot Planting Penelope is now underway....applique compete and stitchery happening.
My friend FIONA From BubzRugz was very generous and sent me a whole lot of gorgeous 4 inch squares before Christmas to contribute to my Clamshell Quilt stash....
I love to take the clamshell to stitching see I can talk and stitch and not concentrate as much lol! Well! I am a gifted chatter...what can I say! Anyway I have cut out and prepped a whole lot of my new stash all ready for 2018.
Loving the vintage look of my clamshells. So all set here ready to go.
I received a lovely surprise yesterday.....with Christmas days slowly receding I was not expecting any more packages....BUT I received a very heavy parcel from my friend SUE From Kiwikid. Sue knows Hubby and I are extremely partial to a particular brand of Chilli Jam only found in Queenscliff Victoria at a beautiful shop called....Maggies Kitchen Store. We loved just about everything there when we visited. If ever you go to Queenscliff, do yourself a favour....or flavour!
In my parcel was?? Not one but THREE jars of Chilli Jam......
Woohoo! Happy dance here! Taste tested already.....YUM! Sue also popped in the cutest gingie towel....
Thank you so much Sue....our taste buds are in heaven!
A little surprise in the garden too....several small spikes of this orchid are popping out here and there.

Ok kettle is on.....and DVD watching and stitching awaits!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx